Upcoming Chapter Events


Quotes and Feedback From Past Event Attendees:

"The amount of knowledge transfer in a short amount of time and access to top notch vendors was amazing!"

"The keynote speech was great, It really set the pace for the rest of the event. The Tech Talks were informative without being too much information. The networking opportunities and the refreshments were a nice aspect too!"

"Excellent event with a good mix of vendors and end users."

"The event was a great sampling of key industry players and end users in the NYC/NJ area"

"The program was a great educational opportunity for everyone to learn more about the data center field."

"The expo provided an ample opportunity to meet vendors, discuss new technologies, and see how other people are working in DC's"

Phone: (732) 230-5238
Email: President@AfcomNYCNJ.com or events@AfcomNYCNJ.com

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